Global and local macroeconomic challenges in Egypt - Shared screen with speaker view
Roba Elnahas
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Roba Elnahas
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Ramy Khodeir
My question is: what are the expectations for any changes in the foundation premise for this outlook and how these changes (if any) may impact the provided outlook? for example, in case of increased flow of FDI to Egypt how this may affect the outlook OR if China lifting their ZERO Covid policy for instance how this may affect the global outlook for economic growth and hence the ME and Egypt…etc.
Roba Elnahas
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Dalia Abulfatth
What advice would you give us as Egyptian consumers in order to adapt to the economic challenges we are currently facing in Egypt? Advice regarding spending habits or saving patterns?
Hala Hafez
based on the Egyptian economy right now whats the best way to invest
Farida Sherif
Apart from leaving the currency to free float, what are the other conditions that the IMF has for Egypt to take the loan?
Malk Awad
what skills must we have to help Egypt rise? also, what are the best ways of investment nowadays?
Malak Mohsen
How can we adapt to the high prices in the market for instance if we started using local products and brands instead of imported ones its going to be cheaper but still relatively high so what measures can we take to make it easier for us
Raghda Fawzy
What would you advise the regular citizen, regular employee in light of tight company budgets, other than reducing unnecessary expenses
Malak Mohsen
Another question is that the economy gets worse by the day so how can we find a way to keep our money’s worth now to be able to use later like when we’re looking for houses, have children,etc. because its going to be so hard later
Hania Ghorab
Why do some banks in Egypt refuse to exchange usd to egp, unless you have an egyptian account there? Wouldn’t that make the consumer go to the black market?
Amr EL-Amrawy
Is investing in Egyptian Stock Market feasible nowadays? or should we go to the Foreign Stock Market?
Farida Sherif
Apart from leaving the currency to free float, what are the other conditions that the IMF has for Egypt to take the loan?
Nashwa Ahmed
what is the risk of leaving our saving in local currency?
Raghda Fawzy
Thank you for the very interesting presentation.
Hélène Syed
Thank you dear Raghda!
Hélène Syed
If you have more questions, or questions not answered you can reach Ali out!
Dalia Abulfatth
Thank you very much for the enlightening discussion!