ERCE Faculty Research Seminar - Shared screen with speaker view
Hélène Syed
Hello everyone! If you have any questions, you can drop them in the chat! We can also give you the floor after the presentation of Dr. Khaled, if you have a microphone.
May Attallah
Thank you Dr Khaled for the presentation, very interesting topic, I would like to ask if taking into account the brand image of the bank can impact use of online Banking? some banks have online srevices that are easier to use than others? a variable that is more "bank specific"
malek ben-abdellatif
Thank you Dr Khaled for this interesting presentation. Could these variables be easily collected in Egypt to perform the study on the local market?
Hélène Syed
Could you talk about the questionnaire? Its structure and references/sources? Was it administered in English or in Arabic? Thank you!
malek ben-abdellatif
thank you!
Dalia Abulfatth
Thank you Dr. Khaled for a very interesting topic and presentation. How similar were the findings to the literature reviewed about such studies in Europe or USA for instance? Was it consistent with the literature?
Hélène Syed
We have in the audience DBA students who would like maybe to publish their dissertation. What are the challenges while preparing a manuscript?
May Attallah
Thank you